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This spring sees the arrival of a new addition to Fraser’s family. It’s been a busy week in the factory, moving things around, spring cleaning and making way for our long-awaited new addition – christened ‘Laser’. Yes, Laser Fraser!

Laser entered our world weighing in at a hefty two tonnes and was delivered not by stork or even C-section, but by a huge articulated lorry with an integrated crane. All involved are well and Laser is settling in nicely.

Laser is a capable of cutting almost every conceivable shape in almost every conceivable material from metal to acrylic to wood – and to a thickness of 25mm/1 inch. With a bed size of 1600 x 1000mm and an operating size around double that, Laser provides a welcome additional resource to further increase the manufacturing range, speed, capacity and cost-effectiveness that we provide to leading design agencies and retailers in the UK.

So, Laser is here, weaned, and prepared to meet your needs. Like all new parents we are ready to work as hard as we need to and stay up all night to do what needs to be done – as always.

Many Thanks