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Fraser Display manufactures a broad spectrum of retail display products, from acrylic trays and displays to MDF cabinets and plinths, using a wide array of plant including cutting, polishing, bending and forming equipment. The recent investment in a class leading Tekcel CNC router, capable of handling full 3m x 2m sheet materials, underlines the company’s commitment to delivering high quality products at low prices to its customers.

Tekcel CNC routers are employed throughout the retail display, sign, shopfitting and exhibition industries to cut, drill, engrave, carve, fold and 3D machine all manner of acrylics, plastics, woods and metals. According to Fraser Display, the new CNC router, supplied by Tekcel CNC Solutions, boasts a host of automated machining features including auto tool change, auto vacuum hold down and auto swarf extraction that will dramatically increase productivity and reduce power consumption.

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