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Named Stakka Tray™ the system utilizes specially profiled vacuum formed trays to create a stable, robust and easy-to-manoeuvre structure which holds the product in place. This harnesses the intrinsic compression strength of the primary packaging to contribute, cost-free, to the solidity and steadiness of the display.

Fraser Managing Director Scott Clarke explains “Most products’ primary packaging provides considerable stacking strength if locked into place and enhanced by sufficient lateral restraint – particularly bottled, canned and tinned products which Stakka Tray™ is designed for. As well as providing the necessary lateral control, the bespoke trays provide plentiful promotional space via shelf strips and header cards. Corner retainers and other options can be added to provide additional strength and promotional options.

Merchandising units ranging from neat Quarter Pallet size to impactful ‘event’ features comprising multiple, interlocking Euro Pallets can be manufactured in-house by Fraser Display, based in Basildon, Essex. The Hips material primarily used is common-place within retail display and can be recycled via the usual processes.

For more information, contact Scott Clarke on 07710 655070.